I'm almost hesitant to even use the title "Dark Reality" because its adherents, its self-confirming slack jawed disciples, would relish the fact that anyone who doesn't bow down to the same gods they do would label something they do as dark.

"Ah ha!" they'd say, "The normie thinks what we believe is 'dark' and 'wrong.' Of course they would -- we are, after all, not normies. That means we're right, and the normie saying we're wrong only means we're right!"

Your reality is whatever you make it. Across the spectrum of reality, and experience, there is no one point that is more real than another.

Some participants in reality have more, or less, freedom to choose the point in that spectrum they decide to focus on. Some are sadly stuck in a smaller window of opportunity due to environmental or biological factors.

Redditors or b/tards purposefully choose the most dark and pessimistic point in reality to settle on. They do this of their own free will, usually without a cognitive disability (other than not being able to think rationally or critically, which admittedly all of them suffer) to blame. Pessimism and jadedness is chosen for shallow, philistine, and utterly disappointing reasons.

That viewpoint can be characterized by the following general points:

The basic building blocks of this persistent, and conscious, negative personality is the inability to think for themselves, and the inability to deal with themselves. They crave identity but lack the ability to make their own. They crave connections, but lack the ability to build them in any way other than negative emotion manipulation.

Their core comforting virtue they tell themselves is that this constant "the world sux!" inner monologue they have actually enlightens them to the real world, the real experiences of the world, and that they can see clear.

Again, reality is what you make it. What do you want your reality to be? If you need to constantly enslave yourself to the desires of other (craving validation), to the identity others made for you, and to denying anything in life that doesn't fit within this stupid framework you made just so you can fit in with a group of cross-eyed idiots, then what are you other than a mental slave?

Does a mental slave experience reality more than one who has no such fetters?