Mistaken people who participate in dialogues on the internet, particular in social media, are stereotypically flawed in both their reasoning and their understanding of their freedom. Not a single one of you who posts their vehement spiels on Twitter about right-wing, left-wing, or anarcho-capitalist (you call yourselves libertarians, but you don't have a single clue what that word means) panic points have any idea how sick you are.

The thing is though, it isn't exactly about being wrong. You can argue all day about whether or not the essence of truth is within reach. You can have sentimental diatribes over how you can use dialectics to reach it, or how you can only accept individualistic sophistries as being true. It isn't about that at all. What this is about is all of your complete failings to exercise your true freedom.

It's probably not just an American problem, but the English-speaking section of the internet is all I have access to. Admittedly, it's a pretty large and influential portion of the internet. But I recognize this problem not just on the internet, but also in American media. The exact, and unfailing, effort to reduce any sort of critical thinking is on full display on cable news, the vapid gossip of suburban dumbasses, and in the morbid fascination with violating the corpse of social media with a never ending surplus of reductive, disingenuous garbage. Because of that, it is possible and almost instinctive to identify this problem of the propagation of imbecilism on social media as having at least a shared origin with the general apathy and iniquity of the American public.

An important fact to be clear on is that this is not about facts, truth, or ideology. You can argue about what is true and what's not all you like. What the problem is is that none of you think for yourselves. It's 2022 and you're still using memes and rage faces made by 11 year olds in 2009. Is it really not clear to you how you all have stagnated? Is it really not clear to you how you have stopped creating, stopped moving forward, stopped making life better? Is it really a wonder how most of you people spend your days bitter and angry over a make-believe conflict of left and right? So make believe and unoriginal, that you name the two principle teams after two century old ideologies that are not even practiced, preached, indoctrinated, in any way anymore. This is how intellectually vapid you all are. This is how irrelevant you all are. This is how you lead your lives, through an unintentional series of pitfalls dug out by agents of profit motive to sap every last ounce of money and time from all you chimps.

So go on and tweet more of the approved rhetoric that make all the other sloped foreheaded individuals clap and drool. Collect your amount of money fit for a peasant. Display it like a vain idiot trying desperately to experience the sublime nature of monetary worth. You'll impress other dilapidated skulls, and that's good enough for you.

So here is the complete internet catalogue: Violated skulls depleted of any free thought, robbed of any creativity or spontaneity. The grand narratives, the over-arching ideologies, the all encompassing regimens of life were said to have been dead, and they died at the dawn of modernity. But you delayed flock of sheep still cling desperately to one. You must frame every single experience you have of the world in the antagonisms of World War 2, a conflict long over, a conflict fought on lands now dead, over ideas now dead. You continue to trample through a cemetary, kicking over gravestones thinking they're living people, your brain so scrambled that you don't even realize what sort of delusional jail you're in. This is the ideology you live in

An ideology is a reality in which its participants are unconscious of its constituent parts. None of you have any freedom to realize this. You're all too intellectually lazy, and you're all too busy fetishizing your fetters.

But who cares? You're profit-making slaves. You give up your time, you give up your money, for the opportunity to spend more time angry at a 100 year old dead Hitler. Your times will come, so at least theres that.