The Victims of the January 6th Raid

This past Wednesday, a group of cowards stormed the Capitol building. They were under the impression that their maniacal emotions and fanatical efforts were supported by the highest levels of government.

They were mistaken. This group of LARPers that hoped to bring back a merry-olde band of Patriots fighting for Freedom got hit with reality swiftly and with determination.

Any one of them who was stupid enough to do brazen acts of violence, were quickly shut out by their own band of paranoid dogs. They were labeled as "Antifa" agents - they were labeled with the title of their own enemies.

Those who were either cowardly or prudent enough to decide to hold off on storming the capitol were dismissed and swept away by the President's immediate rejection of their purpose for being there. Finally he admitted there was no fraud, there would be a transfer of power. Biden won. It was all for naught.

Along with those who died, the victim of the January 6th raid was the Q inspired, fear-fueled, uneducated, ego-projecting, insecure mass of drones that layed down their individuality and personal goals & dedicated themselves to the whims of a narcissistic glutton. Their past five years of brain-melting, family-burning, doom-scrolling behavior has had its mask of value ripped off. They can now no longer fool themselves.

Their waste of time is now clear. Their sunk-cost fallacy is now undeniable. These people are the victims of the January 6th Raid. Everyone of their past 5 years is wasted. Countless human effort is down the drain.

And you deserved it. You were stupid. You elected to give in to this cult. You volunteered to lay down your family, friends, and own life for a group of people who told you up front that they would dash it all to the ground to save their great idol.

I mourn for you, as you can't take back these wasted years. It is beyond your control. You can choose to move forward and tend your own garden. That is your only choice to relieve your suffering. I advise you take it.